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The Hehe


the hehe
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"If you don't know what the hehe is, you don't know cool girls." A quote by a really hot scenester boy. (Actually its just eyeglasses)

The Hehe is: Christ (ponchospilot), Kay (musicteen10), Sam (eyeglasses), and Val (deadsilent). Expect a British crossover soon ;)

AKA El Jeje, Den Hihi Teh Heh Heh, etc. etc.

A lot of people around the world have their own little group of friends. We're just here to share our fun times together, and you can join this community to share your fun times as well, in pictures or whatever you want. Express how you feel about your group of friends! JOIN JOIN! The only rules are to have fun, and lj-cut pictures over the LJ table size.
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